Musophobia (2009)

Musophobia is featured at ACM Siggraph 2010 as a poster presentation. Related article can be downloaded from ACM Digital Library [here].

Musophobia is a bug, a deliberate loophole in the rendering stage.

And thus, Musophobia is a highly unconventional painting application.

Instead of a single brush, you wield up to 999 particle-brushes at once. And instead of using the brushes, you can merely interact with them: set them in motion on different trajectories, force them to fall, orbit on random centers, spin around the point of touch, collapse into a cluster or, simply, disturb by touching them.

Particles can be modified to create different effects. Musophobia makes many options available, including changing particle size, color, recovery speed and interaciton sensitive options such as hue change speed or spin radius.

Motions of the particles are all decided by the modes of interaction, dependant on each mode’s function. Modes themselves also interact, override and manipulate each other to visualize unpredictable paths and dynamics.

Musophobia was never meant to be a user-friendly application.

It takes away the full control of the users and reduces them to one of many parameters those bring life to the particles. In order to create, it forces you to cooperate.

Musophobia is hard to master and most likely to frustrate.


musoarrows musogui musomitosis musosnowman  musoeclipse musoptions


Musophobia is no longer available on iOS App Store.