Easy Sail Fade Veil (2012)

A short with a randomly generated script, by a script.

Screenplay – Oh! Hot Program
Oh! Hot Program – Cem Sina Çetin
Typography – Doruk Türkmen

Writing a screenplay or preparing a storyboard for a movie requires the full attention of the director. Although necessary for a well-written scenario, this approach overlooks the inevitable element of randomness in real life.

The process of creation is prone to many outside interventions that would define and shape the choices of the creator of a project. These interventions, however, are not accounted for the creative output, but they are rather a form of noise that has to be intellectually normalized. As an example, when the scriptwriter is out of coffee, this might affect his mood and thus contribute to the project. This can be traced back further; the absence of the coffee might be because the market was closed and this might be because the owner of the market has a distant relative who passed away and the shopkeeper is out of town. So, a seemingly irrelevant event might have an impact on the final script.

In the light of this, this video is prepared as a tribute to randomness, by minimizing control over the script and leaving the backbone of the story to chance. To achieve this, a context free grammar is built with a limited set of syntax rules and predefined words. Without any semantic control, the algorithm generated a long list of syntactically consistent sentences.

By only picking certain sentences without changing the order, the script for the video above is created. The title of the video and the application itself are also from the list of generated sentences, though they were only our personal picks.

Consequently, a random pool of words that had been gathered by a conscious mind were compiled into incoherent yet properly structured sentences, which later were semantically forced into a script. Randomness plays a critical role in the process of creation, as well as the conscious actors that initiate and finalize the creative process.